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Living: “Less is More”: Minimalist Way of Quality Living


Title: Living “Less is More”: Minimalist Way of Quality Living

“For some, it is more comfortable to approach life with more “quality”, less “quantity”.”

It is a trend among certain people in Japan to live as a minimalist. It is a life choice of living a simple life, not owning many objects and living with just what you really need or appreciate, no clinging on objects and feelings. Simple life does not mean “not caring for your well-being”. It is rather the opposite. To care for your own well-being is a part of the thought needed for minimalist living.

In Japanese, there is a phrase for reevaluating what is really needed. It is danshari. Danshari is written dan for “cutting out what is unnecessary”, sha for “throwing away”, ri “to stop obsession over objects”. By letting go of unnecessary objects, the mind becomes unattached and freed.

A minimalist’s room may seem economical but is filled with what makes the owner happy. A closet only consist of few clothes the owner is convinced they will use or want to cherish, perhaps a few dresses for a night out, couple of pants and comfortable shirts. In the bag, the wallet the owner owns is quite expensive but is polished every weekend so that it can be used long term. In the kitchen is a thinly carved wooden bowl for eating breakfast cereal even though wooden tableware needs more attention than china tableware. On the kitchen table is a flower vase because the owner likes to have flowers displayed weekly. The room is not filled with objects but the space itself is comfortable enough; it is “just about right”.

Act of letting go and appreciating what one owns lets you take a whole new approach to your living style. For some, it is more comfortable to approach life with more “quality”, less “quantity”.

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