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“Obon Festival” – One of the Japanese Traditions –


The Obon Festival is a Japanese ancient festival for the worship of ancestors.

The name “Obon” is an abbreviation of the Sanskrit ‘Ullambana’, rendered as ‘Urabon’ in Japanese.

Obon will be starting on Aug. 13 and ending on Aug. 16 this year.

It was the Asuka period (550-710) when the event of “Obon” has began in Japan.

For a long time, it was special occasion only for monks and the nobles.

Thanks to the development of technology to mass-produce lanterns and candles which are necessary items for “Obon Festival”, “Obon”has started to spread among the general public in Edo period (1603-1868).

Japan has a holiday period called Obon.

Most companies throughout Japan have their holidays, known as the Obon holidays, during August, regardless of the local Bon festival period.

During this season, many people travel to their hometowns and participate in Bon Festival events

One of the events is “The Bon Festival Dance”.

“The Bon Festival Dance” is an event enjoyed in groups at night during the season of Obon.

It is a Japanese great custom that during Obon period relatives and family gather to talk the memories of the deceased as a memorial service.

It is also a good opportunity for the people to deepen the bonds with family and relatives by conveying the gratitude each other.

As a good tradition of Japan, we would like to continue to cherish in the future.

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