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“Japanese Onsen” is not Just as Therapy and Relaxation- Your Introduction to Japanese Myth and History-


Have you ever heard of Japanese Onsen ?

Japanese Onsen is a popular excuse for a one day getaway with your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and family.  Onsen, natural hot spring (温泉; 温=warm, 泉=spring), plays an important role in Japanese lives. Old tales tell that onsen cured deadly laceration and diseases on gods and visited by high nobles of the time. Modern use of onsen is to stay at Japanese onsen ryokan, onsen inn, as day stay or overnight.  

Japanese Onsen is generally separated into men and women’s bathing area, although there are some konyoku (混浴; 混=mix, 浴=bathe) where everyone can bathe. Kazoku-buro (家族風呂; 家族= family, 風呂=bath) is also popular for those who want to bathe in private with your close ones which can be reserved prior to your use. 

Japanese Onsen is also used for therapy since they contain healthy mineral. If you are to use onsen for therapy, you should have the type of onsen prescribed in order to visit the correct type of onsen to get the most out of the onsen therapy. There are also effective method for bathing when bathing for therapy. This can be checked most of the times by reading the description on the wall of the onsen

Although Hakone is a widely known onsen site seeing spot in the Kanto Area since it is close to Tokyo, there are countless beautiful onsen sites around Japan; Atami, Beppu, Gero Onsen, Ginzan Onsen, Kurokawa, Nyuto Onsen, etc. When visiting these onsen, it is likely that each area has their own myth or historical story to tell. A typical onsen tour may turn out to be your introduction to Japanese myth/history and interest for it. 

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