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365-day Origami Crane


365-day Origami Crane – Challenge by an Artist is about to be Achieved

It started, as the artist Cristian Marianciuc explains in his “Viralpx” page, when he made a new-year resolution for 2015 to make one paper crane on each day in different style for the year. Now in the beginning of November, the number of his everyday work surpassed 300.

Origami usually refers to Japanese style paper craft which has been developed domestically for long time, though same kind of paper plays are seen around the world. In Japan, there are various ways to create an object of such as stars, flowers, animals and birds by a piece of paper.

Paper crane is one of the most famous outcome of folding and bending a piece of paper. You may have seen one, the simple but elegant form. Also, there is a tradition to make 1000 paper crane to pray for someone’s recovery from illness.

The purpose of the artist to make 365 paper crane is not such one, but he also saying “it is like a ritual” about creating this small artwork every day. And every day, his paper crane has new look such as moss-like decoration and fire on the wings. It is assumable to come up with these ideas may require communing with himself deeply or looking the world in different ways.

Origami making is a certain neat technique with a lot of planning. Adding paper parts to a paper crane is not something like Japanese, however, his works and ideas make our eyes open. If you are interested, you can find his works from his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IcarusMidAir/

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