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[Pens] Never Goes Out of Fashion: Practicality of Japanese Stationery


Japanese Stationery has a lot of funs !

There is always one or two large sundry goods store in large cities of Japan and one of the favorite places for teens to gather. You walk into a store to find that a floor is dedicated to selling just stationary: mainly notebooks, schedule books and pens. 

Most, if not all, girls go through a phase of collecting pens: not just ballpoint pens, but solid gel pens, glitter gel pens, marker pens, highlighters, etc. Colorful pens in different texture is enough to express one’s feelings and personality on paper. 

Adults also find their favorite, practical pen for business use. Standard pens come in sizes of 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1mm and its refills are available for ecology and since many have their favorite pen design they choose to use. Though pen is used so that it does not get erased unlike writing in pencil, a stationary company invented pens that can be erased only by a special “eraser” at the tip of its pen. There is also a highlighter collection of these erasable pens. Another company invented ballpoint pens that allows for dark writing without effort. 

Also, pens are good souvenir; in this case, it does not need high practicality as long as the pen is covered in a good design. Because pen is a practical utensil, it can be used by the recipient whether the design is to the likes of the recipient and be recognized as a souvenir. 

Taking a trip to the stationary store, you may encounter a pen with surprising practicality which you never experienced before, only available in Japan. It would be a good souvenir.