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Japan Marche Staff Blog : Portable Lip Brush


Portable Lip Brush: Portable Lip Brush


Title: It is the time to go out

“the small petals create beautiful gradation of such pink to read, shining in spring sun light ”

I think what important for make-up goods is its appearance (the quality is of course naturally guaranteed without saying), and to the extent of that, this bright pinky-red is very springish and eye-drawing.

It just remind me some kind of cherry blossoms, like Kanhi Zakura and Kawadu Zakura, since their petals are dark pink. When they bloom, the small petals create beautiful gradation of such pink to read, shining in spring sun light.

By the way, how do you make up your lips every day? Putting color on by rip lipstick is what I do. However, actually, using lip brush is certainly a much better way because of our lips have tiny vertical ditches. By using a lip brush, the color sticks to your lips more firmly and remains well. If the brush itself is softer, it is better, too.

I know this is not something to do with eagerness, honestly, for those who are not really have time to care their fashion in everyday lives. But I (possibly you) should admit sometimes something enlivening is eagerly needed.

It is the spring. I hope putting this kind of small piece of make-up goods in your porch and go out to see some nice flowers is also cheers you.

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