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Public Bath for Entertainment


Title: Public Bath for Entertainment

“ Public bath facilities are very fashionable and entertaining, especially the themed ones!”

For people who do not have anything planned for the day, it is becoming a popular trend to spend a day at the public bath. You may think, “spend the whole day just soaking in hot water?” The answer is no! Public bath facilities are very fashionable and entertaining, especially the themed ones!

Public bath used to be a part of Japanese daily life back until about the 1960’s when taking a bath at home was still luxurious and expensive. Families would go to public baths as their daily night routine. However, with economic growth, bathing at home became the norm and public bath culture declined, many closing.

Despite having baths at home, it is a homely feeling when Japanese think of public baths. Public bath is a symbol of nostalgia. Now, the nostalgic public baths are turning in to a modern entertainment facility. Ooedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba, Tokyo (http://daiba.ooedoonsen.jp/?_ga=1.147808247.1516160602.1482467059 ) is popular for its matsuri, or Japanese festival, themed facility. Shimizuyu (http://www.shimizuyu.com/) is known for its authentic Japanese ryokan inn style baths and its natural hot spring despite being in Tokyo. Manyo-kurabu (http://www.manyo.co.jp/mm21/yu ) has many types of baths including sauna and heated natural stone sauna. Saya-no-yudokoro (https://www.sayanoyudokoro.co.jp/english ) has a traditional Japanese garden with natural hot spring. Many recent public baths have public space, dining restaurants and massage service. In many cases, the public space offers complementary manga, magazine and other recreations. Of the themed public baths, Furocafe-Bivouca (http://ofurocafe-bivouac.com/) is a gramping-themed public bath that has pond-shaped dropped relaxing space, camp style dining, and seats surrounding camp-like fireplace.

If you can’t find time to squeeze in a day to visit the hot springs, it may be nice to visit a public bath with natural hot spring. There are also public baths open until the first train, so it is popular to stay at public baths when missing the last train home. Why not try the Japanese public bath culture?

Check out Japan Marche’s Pinterest board to find photos of the entertainment public baths introduced in this blog and pins on other public baths!

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