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“Ramen” which is called the Japanese “national food” has become widespread and made spectacular success in the world.

“Ramen” is originally a Chinese noodles dish. It is called ”Japanese style noodles” or ”Japanese noodles” in China and Taiwan.

In the history of about 100 years, as a variety of arrangements have been added,
“Ramen” has transformed into noodle dish peculiar to Japan. It actually differs from that of China & Taiwan.

In present, “Ramen” has become a National Dish along with “Curry Rice” in Japan.

There are many kinds of ramen in Japan. “Ramen” has various types of soup as well as noodles that play the indispensable role. There are many kinds of the topping, too.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the globalization of “Ramen” is started from Paris. In fact, the highest enthusiasm for ramen can be seen in France among European countries.

In addition, a boom in New York has propelled “Ramen” to the position of one of the major dishes in the world. Can you believe that there are more than 300 “Ramen” shops in Los Angeles!!!

I have an American friend of mine who loves “Ramen”. He sent me the below URL on “THE 21 BEST RAMEN SHOPS IN THE USA” the other day. All of them seem to me very nice. (http://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/best-ramen-shops-ramen-noodles)

For “Ramen” fans, why don’t you come to visit Japan to find which country can provide you with better “Ramen” !!! I hope it should be “JAPAN” !!!

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