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Samurai Chef’s Best Friend : Masamoto Kitchen Knife


In pre-modern times, respectable samurai warriors all longed to own Japanese swords to create a legacy together with. Swords created by famous swordsmith even had names. Swords were indispensable partners to samurai warriors. Samurais were all about self-discipline- practice of swordsmanship and focused mind. This spirit was also shared with knife craftsmen- practice of craftsmanship and focused mind.

Because of this notion of Japanese people related to swords, perhaps this is the reason kitchen knife craftsmanship was refined over time. Like a sword, knife is a sharp object that needs self-discipline and practice to create.

Although old Japanese household did not have many furniture and objects, every household had kitchen utensil including knives. The demand of knives also enabled craftsman to keep practicing their techniques. Now, fine kitchen knife is Japanese chef’s best friend.

One respected kitchen knife brand is Masamoto Sohonten. Masamoto Sohonten is now being lead by their sixth successor. There is a story about their establisher, Tatsunosuke, who longed to become a person whose name would be talked about in the coming ages if he is to pursue a career in one field. His wish came true. Masamoto Sohonten brand has succeeded in satisfying those pallets that crave delicious meals in the last 150 years. Delicious cuisine is created and cooked by excellent chefs. Excellent and persistent chefs choose their partners well. Therefore, they come to Masamoto Sohonten to request for a knife that can become their partner and compliment every bit of talent they have.

Masamoto Sohonten brand is a real professional knife made by diligent craftsmen for real professional chefs and non-professionals who appreciates the art of cooking.

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