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Sasebo-burger is a local speciality of Sasebo city, Nagasaki prefecture. It does not distinguish one style of hamburger, but is a general term for hamburgers which are handmade after the order is given by the customers. Each hamburger shop in Sasebo city creates hamburgers full of originality with its own ideas and passion.

The obvious characteristic of sasebo-burger is that it uses big buns, which are about ten to fifteen centimetre. One can easily tell that the size of sasebo-burger is larger than the normal size of hamburgers in Japan. But the size of the buns have little difference depending on each shop, because they are made from scratch.

The common ingredients used for sasebo-burger are lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, fried egg, and cheese. Some shops also fixate to use patty made from 100% Japanese beef. But there are variety of unique ingredients used, such as chicken cutlet and even omelette. Sasebo-burger use carefully selected ingredients, and that is one of the selling point.

The origin of sasebo-burger goes back to after the Second World War, when US military personnels were stationed in Sasebo city, and restaurants, bars, and cabaret welcomed them. Around 1950, when Japan grew its economy, because of the Korean special procurement, the US Navy officials introduced the recipe of hamburger, and that was the beginning of the history of hamburger making in Sasebo city.

After the year 2000, Sasebo-burger started to become a hot topic among media representatives and entertainers who visited Sasebo city, who were impressed by the appearance and taste. Sasebo-buger started be featured on medias such as television shows and magazines, and it is now known nationwide.

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