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“Sashimi” – An Aspect of Japanese Traditional Food –


“Sashimi” is very thinly sliced raw fish and sea food.

”Sashimi” is definitely one representative of Japanese Traditional Food.

When it comes to Japanese traditional food, which is popular with foreigners, the first name raised is “sushi”.

Previously; “sashimi” was translated simply as “raw fish”, but these days, “raw fish” dishes are referred to as “Sashimi” outside Japan.

People abroad sometimes confuse “Sashimi” with “Sushi” in the sense that eating raw fish. 

“Sashimi” is a traditional Japanese Food of very thinly sliced raw fish and sea food. 

Japanese eat it with soy sauce. Usually, “Sashimi” is served with condiments such as “Wasabi”(Japanese horseradish) or “Ginger”.

In Japan where “nama” (raw or fresh) represented by sashimi is favored, freshness is especially favored.

Sashimi is said to best exploit the flavor of fresh ingredients.

In addition to the freshness, “Sashimi” has a feature of considering the beauty when it is dished, taste and texture.

There is a variety of how to cut the food.

Aesthetics and technology of cooking are also the important elements that determine the quality of the cuisine.

Sushi and sashimi became popular food in the Edo Period (1603-1868).

As you may know, Japan is an island nation surrounded by the sea on all sids, therefore, Japanese are able to get a variety of fresh seafood.

This is probably the background why “Sashimi” was born in Japan. 

We Japanese would really like to convey Sashimi” which is backed by cooking technology and the beauty of sophisticated serve as one of Japanese traditional food to be proud of in the world.


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