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“Sensu” – A Japanese Folding Fan –


It looks nice to see ladies getting a cool wind with a”Sensu”.

It can be compact by folding and convenient to carry.

With the increasing awareness on the environment, Japanese people have started paying an attention to “Sensu” again.

The roots of “Fan” is China, however, the “Sensu” is the item which was invented in Japan.

“Fan” was transmitted to Japan from China before the Nara period (710 – 784).

Japanese has transformed “Fan”to “Sensu” which is easy to carry than a fan.

“Sensu” has been exported to the countries in Europe and even to China which is the origin country of “Sensu”!!!

“Sensu” was invented as an item to take cool air initially, however, it was used as an item for women to hide a mouth and face in the Heian period (794 – 1192).

Then, dance using the sense were made​ and it started to be used as an item for gifts, rituals and communication.

It was described in history books and literary works including “the Tale of Genji” that a poetry was written on “Sensu”or “Sensu”was presented with the flowers being placed.

In addition, “Sensu” has now become an indispensable item for the tea ceremony and traditional arts of Japan such as “Kabuki”(classical Japanese dance-drama) and “A Comic Story” (told by a professional storyteller).

Through a long history, it has been active in a variety of situations on culture & life in Japan.

In fact, “Sense” has been loved by the Japanese for long time.

It is nice for you to have your own original “Sensu”!!!


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