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Siro-A, a Japanese dance performer


Siro-A, a Japanese dance performers caught attention in “America’s got talent” will perform at Murakuni-za

Murakuni-za, which was built inside of Murakuni shrine in Gifu prefecture in the end of Edo period and was designated as an important tangible folk-cultural property.

As traditional stage, Murakuni-za has a turning stage, an elevated walkway through audience seats, and a trap cellar even it has not experienced big renovation since first built. The stage has been used for presentation of Kabuki or other stage plays for Gods. Children, in particular, practice dancing and playing during the summer vacation.

The stylish, vigorous, and speedy are probably the words for Siro-A, a dance performing group who gained attentions through the TV show, America’s got talent. They are about to perform at this Murakuni-za in October and in December.

At a glance, Murakuni-za will not be suitable place for their performance because Siro-A makes use of the benefit of dance music and projection mapping technology to show up their body move. However, if you focus on the color use of their performance, probably start to recognize the affinity of them. The basic color is black or white and other colors used for the stage props are very clear red, blue, green, yellow, and purple, but performers do not wear colors. This simplicity may induce a great chemistry in Murakuni-za.

Please visit the official website of Siro-A if you are interested in. You can see a video clip for their performance: http://www.siro-a.com/

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