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Summer festivals in Japan


As for a photo cited today, people buy “Yukata” (thin Kimono) for summer festivals at the department store.

From early July to the end of August, a lot of summer festivals are held throughout Japan.

Especially, summer festivals that are held around the mid-August (It is the season of homecoming) provides those who are apart from their hometown the opportunity to meet with their old friends.

Speaking of vibrant events in Japan, it is a “summer festival” after all. Summer festivals before Edo-period (1603 – 1868) were altered by modernization and finally became what the summer festival is now. It is still indispensable in the Japanese summer. A lot of people wear “Yukata” (thin Kimono) at the summer festival.

Typical events carried out at the summer festival are as follows :

Food stalls (a movable shop with roof attached) sell toys, foods and drink.

“Bon Odori” (Bon Dancing)
People dance around the tower that is set up in the center of the square with the dance music.

In Japan, fireworks are a Japanese summer tradition. A lot of municipal governments sponsor large-scale fireworks to entertain people.
I joined a “Summer Festival” held in kindergarten with my family the other day. It was nice to see small children dancing to music with “Yukata”(thin Kimono).

“Kawairasii !!!” (very cute!!!).

“Summer festival” I attend with my family every year is over, then hot summer is coming.

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