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Sushi: the signature Japanese food known widely around the world


Sushi is a Japanese cuisine which is known as hand rolled rice topped with raw fish or clams. The rice for sushi is seasoned with vinegar. The hand rolled sushi is called “nigiri-zushi,” and it dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867). It is said that to become a sushi chef, 3 years of cooking rice and 8 years of rolling rice is required.

There is a famous “nigiri-zushi” restaurant called “sukiyabashi-jiro,” which is located in the Ginza area of Tokyo. It was honored with 3 stars on the Michelin Guide in 2007. Even Barack Obama, President of the United States and Japanese Prime minister, Shinzo Abe had dinner together at the restaurant. There is a documentary movie called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” which features the master chef Jiro Ono (1925 – ), and his son struggling to become a sushi chef.

On the other hand, “temaki-zushi” is a type of sushi which can be easily made at home. It uses dried seaweed sheet rapping around the rice and ingredients. The ingredients varies from raw tuna to cucumber. Many family enjoy “temaki-zushi” on parties. “Chirashi-zushi” is also popular to eat at home. It is a type of sushi which is not rolled, and ingredients such as tuna, salmon, and fried eggs are scattered on seasoned rice. “Chirashi-zushi” is also eaten to celebrate girl’s day on March 3rd.

“Kaiten-zushi” is an automated system where sushi plates on a rail moves around tables. At most of the “kaiten-zushi” places, you can order sushi on a electronic tablet without calling the employees. Many “kaiten-zushi” places use a rice rolling machine to make sushi quickly. This kind of sushi are served with two sushi on one plate, and one plate usually costs about 100 yen which is about a dollar.

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