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Takoyaki is a cuisine that originated in Osaka. It is a round ball of fried batter with chopped octopus tentacles inside. It was firstly invented in 1930’s. Only after the 1990’s, people in Kanto region started to eat takoyaki. Now there are many franchise chains spread all over Japan.

There are two different cuisines that influenced to create them. One is “rajio-yaki,” and the other is “akashi-yaki.” The way “Rajio-yaki” is made is almost the same as takoyaki, but it used beef and konnyaku instead of octopus. “Akashi-yaki” uses more eggs than takoyaki, and it simply contains octopus.

The ingredients are flour, egg, and water or broth. Octopus, pickled ginger, and green onion are basic ingredients to be added in the batter. In some region such as Kyoto and Kanto region, shredded cabbage is added too.

The way to make is by using hot iron plate with round dents. The batter will be poured in the dents, and after the batter is slightly cooked, chopped octopus and other ingredients will be added. The takoyaki cooks use a pick to turn over each ball to create a sphere.

Nowadays, when takoyaki is served, shaved dried bonito is topped on them, and worcester source is often poured. At shops, it comes on a disposable tray which is like a boat shape or on a tray made from styrofoam.

Takoyaki is a poplar snack to be eaten at festivals where there are many food stalls. However, people even make them at home since there are small hot plates which can easily fit on tables. People enjoy takoyaki dinner with their family or invite friends to have takoyaki party.

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