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The Artisans Cup / New movement of Bonsai comes from Portland


The Artisans Cup of Bonsai:Do you remember the movie “Karate-kid”? In that movie, a karate master Mr. Miyagi grows beautiful bonsai trees for his pleasure. It was a great attribute of patients and constant growth of wilderness, which suggest a small boy will grow big and beautiful in the future if he is trained correctly (can be interpreted as an importance of education).

Bonsai is appreciation of nature, but also appreciation of human skills to grown wild plant into a beautiful form. The art has been celebrated at the Portland Art Museum produced by the world recognized Bonsai nursery, Bonsai Mirai.

The Artisans Cup, the first championship event for Bonsai artists in the States, was held from 25 to 27, September, 2015. About 70 plants was gathered and the finest Bonsai has been decided by Bonsai professionals from the States, Germany, and the UK.

The founder of Bonsai Mirai, Ryan Neil, told about his meeting with Bonsai was the Karate Kid. He actually spent 6 years in Japan to study Bonsai under the eyes of the Bonsai master, Masahiko Kimura.

Bonsai has been known as a hobby for the elderlies in Japan, however, the natural beauty in miraculously shaped trees and in the techniques and affections of the artists must catch attention widely.

The Artisans Cup is planned to be held in NY and Sidney in the future.

Source: http://www.opb.org/artsandlife/article/portland-bonsai-mirai-movement-art-museum/
Bonsai Mirai: http://www.bonsaimirai.com/

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