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“Tokyo” -The world No.1 Gourmet City-



Michelin that issued the restaurant guide of Tokyo for the first time in 2007 has granted more stars to Tokyo rather than Paris.

They acclaimed Tokyo as the center of the gastronomic world. However, it seemed to include some criticisms about Paris & France in the statement.

It is true that the superiority of French cuisine has already been lost at that point.

Furthermore, it has been reaffirmed in the 2013 Michelin restaurant guide that “The Goddess of the Meal”has moved from Paris to Tokyo.

In Tokyo, 14 restaurants including some Japanese restaurants won the highest rating of 3-stars by Michelin. (Paris : 10 restaurants). In total, the number of restaurants who won any stars has amounted to 281. And Tokyo won a total amount of 323 stars.

It was the moment that Tokyo became the world No.1 Gourmet City!!!

Tokyo is not a new Paris, it is reminiscent of the Paris of bygone days.

There are so many restaurants of different cuisine available in Tokyo as if we could travel to various countries in the gourmet.

Furthermore, what is good for us is that there is no custom of the tip in Japan. In other words, you can enjoy a beautiful meal without being annoyed by the tip.

Why don’t you try to come to visit Japan to look for “the Goddess of the Meal”!!!

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