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Tsubame Tsuiki Doki: hammered copper ware in Niigata Prefecture


Niigata prefecture, famous for hammer-forged cutting tools, is also known as the center of production of hammered copper ware, Tsubame Tsuiki Doki, for the plentiful metal production from Yahiko Mountain.

The production of hammered copper ware, Tsubame Tsuiki Doki, was started in middle of Edo era (1603-1867) , when wandering craftsman from Sendai brought the art in. Natural resource from Yahiko Mountain has supported the production since then.

This kind of copper ware can be seen all around the world. They are all beautifully formed by hand, with a variety of hammers. But one special characteristic of the Tsubame Tsuiki Doki is, we can proudly say, that it is closely related to tea and sake culture in Japan.

Because copper is disinfectant, heat conductive, and good to keep the inside warm, Tsubame Tsuiki Doki art is often adopted to create kettles and mugs for tea ceremony and small cups and sake bottles.

Forming a kettle from a plate of copper is, please imagine that artisans producing the fragile details of kettle by hammering one plate of metal, not be able to be done without excellent skills.

Why don’t you try to get Tsubame Tsuiki Doki when you visit Japan !

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