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Ukiyo-e Paintings from the Weston Collection


Ukiyo-e, which is known as the art form developed in Edo era (1603-1867), actually has two types; printed and painted. Most of Ukiyo-e was created for printed version since the original purpose was to sell beautiful pictures to ordinary citizens, however, as long as they were created by painters, there were also painted Ukiyo-e on paper or silk fabric.

The differences are; the detailed decoration of kimonos, clear and corresponding lines (lines can sometimes slightly be overlapped or missed during printing procedure), and subtle nuance – somewhat even suggest some voluptuousness. The owner of the artworks shown in this exhibition, Mr. Roger Weston, may be the one who is truly attracted to beauty of the Beauties painted by Ukiyo-e artists in such ways.

There will be 129 Ukiyo-e paintings, mainly portrait of standing beautiful women. The arts range from golden byobu and dancing lady by unknown artists in the early 16th century to the very thriving generation like Kunisada in the end of Edo era so that you can follow the timeline. In addition, you will see some interaction between Kyo, current Tokyo and Edo, current Tokyo both loved by artists.

Even though it focuses in the paintings of beautiful ladies, it is an exhibition which can give you the outlook of Ukiyo-e painting during Edo period. Exhibition in Osaka City Museum and Hokusai Museum already gained good reputation in the early of this year. The exhibition in Tokyo is held at the Ueno Royal Museum till January 17, 2016.

Those who are interested, please visit the following: http://weston.exhn.jp/

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