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Vending machine; Origami, Banana, Soccer Ball, and more!


Title: Unexpected Vending Machines; Origami, Banana, Soccer Ball, and more!

“The owner had no idea what to sell, but loved to fold origami, so started selling them.”

Vending machines were created for convenience. Typical kind of vending machine in Japan is for drinks. Every block you walk in Tokyo, you will find so many vending machines from different companies. Other typical vending machine is for snacks, ready-to-drink hot drinks, and surprisingly vegetables.

However, there seems to be crazy, unexpected vending machines out there. Most unexpected is an origami vending machine; it is not a vending machine with origami illustration painted on the machine. It actually sells folded origami. This vending machine can be found in Ehime Prefecture next to a typical drink vending machine. From 30 yen to 50 yen, there are more than 10 folded origamis. This vending machine was used to sell Tabaco, however, with the new identification-mandatory Tabaco vending machines, the owner no longer was able to use this one but decided to put the vending machine to good use. The owner had no idea what to sell, but loved to fold origami, so started selling them. From geometric shapes to animals and flowers, you can see that the owner is quite dexterous with her fingers.

Other unique vending machines you can find in Japan are for anime packaged drinks, banana, soccer ball, shochu drinking set, crepe, fish broth, etc. Enjoy your trip spotting unique vending machines!

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