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”Vending Machines”


You can buy anything from vending machines in Japan

Now, Japan is the vending machine powers in the world.

According to the survey conducted in December 2012, a total number of vending machines in Japan amounted to 5.09 million units with an annual sales of $53.7 billion.

Vending Machines for drinks accounts for 49% of the total units.

It is interesting to see that the ratio of buyers is 90%: Male and 10%: Female.

Sales comparison of 3 industries such as ”Advertising Agency”, “Vending Machine” and “Online Shop” in 2012 in Japan is as follows:

-Advertising Agency : $59 billion

-Vending Machine : $53.7 billion

-Online Shop : $51.0 billion

Amazingly, a total sales from vending machines is much more greater than that of online shops!!!

I have not a few foreign friends who say, “as I have been living longer in Japan, now, I can not think about the life without vending machines”.

In Japan, you can buy anything you want such as Coke, Bear, Rice Ball, Fried Potatoes, Hamburger, Ice Cream, Ramen, Box Lunch, Noodles, Clothes, Tobacco, etc.

However, there is a regulation on the site and time of sale for vending machines of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

A beverage vending machine consumes large amounts of electric power that is equivalent to that of a household. Therefore, the industry is working very hard to enhance energy efficiency.

There are beverage vending machines which have so-called a “Free-vending function” that allows a vending machine to provides drinks freely to the people in a case of disaster. Very smart, isn’t it!!!

Background of the rapid diffusion of vending machines include Japan’s good public safety. In fact, there are very few cases that somebody breaks a vending machine to steal goods & money.

Please come to visit Japan to explore “a world of vending machines” which also represents Japan’s good public safety!!!

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