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“Wagashi” (Japanese Traditional Confectionery) -Art of the Sweets-


“Wagashi” is a whole category of confectionary made using traditional production techniques in Japan.

We include the sweets and confectionery in the category of “Wagashi” which were firstly brought from China by a Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty and Portugal by

After we eat Japanese confectionery at first, we drink green tea.

Japanese confectionery originally began to be produced as a sweet for tea in the tea ceremony. It has been a custom to serve a moist cake for strong tea and a dried sweet for weak tea at the tea ceremony.

Sweets are expected to bring out the taste of the tea so that there is little sweets with oil.

It is a feature of “Wagashi” that many kinds of “Sweets” are made of a small number of major raw materials such as sugar, starch syrup, rice, wheat, and red beans.
Unlike western sweets, fruits are seldom used. However, sometimes boiled or dried fruits are included.

“Wasanbon” (refined Japanese sugar) which is made of sugar cane has contributed to the development of Japanese sweets with its modest sweetness & unique flavor.

In addition, aspects of the work of art is also required for the sweets. For instance, sweets for summer should have a finish to bring a cool air. In other words, materials are examined to represent a sense of the season.

Goodness of Japanese sweets is that you can enjoy not only the taste but also the appearance. Sometimes people hesitate to eat it.

There is also a field called “craft confectionery” which is wrought in particular. It tries to express the world of the beauties of nature with edible materials.

You can enjoy tasting as many “Wagashi” as possible without worrying about the calories, because “Wagashi” is well known as sweets with less calories!!!

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