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Yakisoba is a type of noodles which is usually cooked on an iron plate. “Yaki” means stir frying, and “soba” means noodles. The origin of the noodles is from China. The Chinese noodles spread to many countries in Asia, and evolved into unique cuisines.

The type of yakisoba that originated in China simply uses soy source to season, or use lots of ingredients such as seafood, meat, and vegetables with starchy source. Other Asian countries use different spices to season the noodles.

The noodles used for yakisoba is basically the same used for ramen. The difference from ramen noodles is that the yakisoba-noodles are steamed or boiled before it is cooked on a plate.

Around 1955, small-time candy shops served them, and was considered as a snack. However, it is believed that yakisoba was already a restaurant menu at small restaurants in Asakusa before World War II.

In Japan, most people think of yakisoba mixed with worcester source. This kind of yakisoba can be seen only in Japan. Yakisoba in Japan use vegetables such as cabbage, onion, and been sprouts. After the noodles are cooked with worcester source, pickled ginger and green dried seaweed are added on top. However, some people prefer to season the noodles with salt, pepper, soy source, oyster source, or even ketchup.

Yakisoba is usually served at food stalls at festivals, and small restaurants. However, since instant yakisoba started to sell at super markets, people also enjoy eating them at home. At outdoor barbecue, yakisoba is also popular to be cooked.

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