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Yubeshi is a delicacy or a sweets which used to be preservable and portable, and is made in different regions in Japan, and there are different types. In Tenryu village, Nagano prefecture, yubeshi is served as a delicacy. It is made by hollowing out citron, and filling in with miso soy bean paste and walnut. The filled citron will be covered with straw, and will be dried for about a month to half a year. When it is time to eat, it will be cut into slices and is served as a side dish or a snack that goes with sake.

As a sweets, yubeshi is a local speciality of Fukushima prefecture. It does not use citron, and is more of a rice cake like sweets which uses glutinous rice flour and walnut. Fukushima is far from the place producing citron, but walnut was easy to get. The main seasoning is soy sauce, but using sugar and brown sugar gives a sweet taste. There are several shapes of yubeshi in Fukushima. One is stick or square shaped. Other is rectangular shape, which is most common in the area.

However, in Okayama prefecture, where citron is commonly produced, there are several types of sweet yubeshi. Yubeshi from Takahashi city is made by using citron, glutinous rice flour, starch syrup, and sugar, and is soft like a rice cake. In Yakage town, yubeshi is made by filling the hollowed out citron with jellied dessert made with red bean paste, agar, and sugar, which is called yokan. The citron is sometimes filled with red bean pete instead of yokan.

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