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Boys gossip that girls look 30% prettier when they wear yukata in the summer time. Girls gossip that boys look sophisticated when wearing yukata. Summer feels special to Japanese perhaps because it is a season when they have a chance to wear “Japanese” clothing. Summer itself becomes an event. Yukata brings extraordinary experience to an ordinary, daily life.

Yukata is a type of kimono that is only worn in the summer time because of its thin material. Unlike traditional kimono, it does not consist of layering pieces of kimono and is easy to wear compared to typical kimono; all you need is yukata, strings to hold the yukata when wrapped, and matching obi as an eye catcher.

Now, wearing yukata in the summer time is fashionable. Summer festivals and firework events are filled with girls wearing yukata. It is relieving to see younger generation becoming familiar with authentic Japanese clothing. Girls feel special when wearing a yukata; this may also be a reason that girls look 30% prettier than being dressed in normal clothing.

Yukata was originally a piece of clothing worn when bathing, called yukatabira, in the Heian Era (794 – 1185). In older days, bathing was not going into hot water, but rather sitting in high and humid room like sauna. To prevent skin from burning and being seen from others, yukatabira became a popular wear during bath time. A time passed to the Azuchi-Momoyama Era (1573-1603), yukata became an after-bath wear like a bathrobe in order to soak away extra water an sweat on the skin before becoming dressed in to daily kimono.

Now, yukata can be found at Japanese style hotels as pajamas. When Yukata is provided at these hotels, you are welcome to wear it inside the hotel.

Yes, in the hot, steamy summer of Japan, wearing yukata may not be the smartest choice, but by wearing them, it will definitely lighten your feeling.

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