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”Zen” – An Aspect of Japanese Culture –


Do you know who is the most well known Japanese in the world ?

It is “Mr. Daisetsu Suzuki” (1870-1966).

He was not a politician, neither a successful entrepreneur.

He was a Zen Buddhist & a Buddhist Scholar who introduced “Zen” to The USA & Europe in early 20th century.

He wrote a book “Zen & Japanese Culture” and the book was also published in English for foreigners.

It is beyond question that “Zen” is one unique aspect of Japanese culture.

Zen is a branch of Buddhism, called Mahayana and it was established in China by an Indian priest,“Daruma”.

It was the “Kamakura period”(1185 – 1333) when “Zen” was transmitted to Japan.

There are 47 branches in Zen Buddhism.

All of them position “Zazen” as a basic form of training.

“Zazen”(meditation) is a fundamental method of training in Zen Buddhism, in which one meditates sitting with correct posture.

The purpose of Zazen is not to be bound by the images in your mind but to experience the world and yourself as it really is, and reach a spiritual place of nothingness.

A physiologist has once mentioned that Zazen trains and activates the serotonin nerve and help a unique alpha wave being generated.

Some Zen temples hold “Zazen Meeting” for public and we see a lot of foreign tourists doing Zazen Meditation at the temple.

Steve Jobs (The founder of Apple) is well known to have been deeply committed to Zen.

You might be able to discover your own “Truth of Life” if you do Zazen Meditation in Japan !!!

Japan Marche is very pleased to provide you with the information about temples where Zazen is available for tourists in Japan per your request.

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